The Round-Up: Tuesday 7th April 2021

With Covid-19 travel restrictions still in place, many people are choosing to “staycation” and visit seaside towns and beaches. With this in mind, we spoke to RNLI Lead Lifeguard Supervisor, Karl O’Neill, about what people can do to stay safe in the water over Easter.

We also talk to Dr Mark Linden from Queen’s University about a new research project that will look at the impact of covid-19 and the lockdowns on those with learning disabilities and their carers.

It’s over a year since the UK experienced its first national lockdown and the nation was plunged into an unknown world of working from home. A year on and with a roadmap to a new normal published, attention is turning to how hybrid working will play out in practice with many businesses seeing the benefits of an agile workforce. However, for many workers a lot more needs to be done. Anna Whitehouse, AKA Mother Pukka, is a leading voice in reminding employers that as the pandemic recovery continues and we start to return to offices, it is important not to see home working and flexible working as one and the same. To discuss this further Pauline Carville is joined by Anna Whitehouse.