The Round Up: Monday 9th August 2021

A visit to the The House Project, a multi- media curated space and performance addressing The Legacy of the Conflict.

In keeping with this project not attributing blame, or guilt to one or other community, the project took place simultaneously as part of both Feile and Phobail in West Belfast and the Eastside Arts Festival in the East in two properties.  Actors and props encourage visitors to reflect on their response to the experiences, health and wellbeing and the transgenerational impact of the conflict on individuals, families and communities which are the same in both communities.  It draws on research and the voices of victims and survivors to help us recognise our similarities and to move together, building resilience and collective healing.

The Commission for Victims and Survivors contracted QUB and UU to undertake several pieces of research relating to the Legacy of the Conflict. The text and content of this project is drawn from those research projects which helps us consider how victims and survivors contribute to reconciliation and what learning can be shared.

The project took place in two Northern Ireland Housing Executive properties in East and West Belfast in areas where many residents have experienced Conflict and loss.

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