Our Parlour: The Dock Workers Social Club

“It wasn’t easy. There was a shooting that took place in the club. Three people where shot. But it didn’t affect the club because people felt that what we where doing in building better community relations needed to be done. We achieved something that needed to be achieved.” Brian McCann

As part of the Our Parlour: Out & About series Maryann and Helen decided to take a trip to the Dockers Club located in the Sailortown area of Belfast. A club infamously built by the dockers for the dockers and the community.

Once a thriving area which was the heartbeat of the dock’s and shipyard industry of Belfast, the area has seen changes which has left the area baron lacking it’s once prominent heart and soul.

With the area undergoing massive changes the Dockers Club still stands proud and is the heartbeat of this community, those who have graced it’s bar’s and dance floors reminisce about the building of the club from it’s first brick, how it forged a community together and stood in the face of adversity and sectarianism in bringing both sides of the community tofether during a time when it was unheard of.