Focal Point Wednesday 10 August 2016

1. Regina Coeli Closure
Interview with Gerry Carroll of People before Profit, Tim Attwood, SDLP and the Manager of Falls Road Women’s Resource Centre aon the closure of Regina Coeli, a west Belfast hostel for women.

2. Tom Cox Award
The Tom Cox Award is organised each year by Springhill Community House. The award recognises people achieving excellent community work in the fields of education, youth work etc. This year’s recipients were Neilly and Ann Marie Stone who are youth workers in Corpus Christi Youth Club in Ballymurphy.

3. Castleward Craft Festival
Studio interview with Festival Coordinator Jan Irwin and participating artist, Deborah Toner, in the 13th annual Castleward Craft Festival.

4. Féile Exhibition
As part of the ongoing West Belfast Féile, we attend the launch of Art exhibitions held in St. Mary’s College. Interviews with exhibiting Artists and the Curator.