Collapse The Box: Louise Chettle

Louise Chettle Artist,Designer & Printmaker in conversation with Noelle Mc Alinden, reflecting upon the importance of her creativity,self expression and her first solo exhibition “Into the Light” at 2 Royal Avenue Belfast showing from June 7th to July 7th 2023.

“An artist who has sought solace and sanctuary in her own creativity in the face of adversity,providing a safe harbour,serenity and inspiration for those who visit and engage with her exhibition “Into the Light “A privilege to collaborate with Louise Chettle on her first solo show.” Noelle Mc Alinden.

Into the light

‘Into the light’ is a solo exhibition by Artist Louise Chettle, curated by Noelle McAlinden. Louise has a strong background across the creative landscape, starting in fine arts and then working in digital design and letterpress printing over the last 20 years. After an incurable cancer diagnosis in 2020 Louise returned to her original love of painting, mostly as a form of
art therapy.

“I can transfer my emotions from my mind to the canvas, and it works as a sort of meditation for me, an escape from the
real world”

“The title of the exhibition is multi- faceted. As I know my life is coming to an end soon, I am moving into the light beyond. My paintings capture the fear, anger and eventual acceptance of that reality. But there is also the light all around us which has become more vivid to me in recent years – the warmth of the sun on my face, moments spent playing with my daughter.”

In a practical sense, Louise aims to capture light and warmth within her work, using acrylics to build up textured layers, until the chaos is hidden underneath – just peeking through.
Within the exhibition, Louise has also included a series of smaller colourful abstract pieces.

These represent the chaos in her mind while going through her cancer journey.

“I wanted to take all my raw emotions and turn them into something colourful and positive. I never know what’s going to come out when I start a piece, it just comes from my soul.”

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Our thanks to May We @2Royal Avenue Belfast
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