Collapse The Box: 142nd RUA Annual Exhibition 2023

Welcome to the 142nd Annual Royal Ulster Academy Exhibition at The Ulster Museum, Belfast.
Join us as we delve deep and reflect with good friends, Artists, Educators and Poet, on the significance & importance of our creativity, self expression and arts education.

Join Noelle Mc Alinden with Clare Taggart Artist & Arts Educator,Marie O’Donoughue, Arts Educator, Creative Schools Education and Library Board and Maria Mc Manus, award winning Poet & writer, as they reflect the importance of visiting the RUA Exhibition, as an inspiration for learning.

They explore the infinite value of the Arts, the transferable skills in connecting learning & life. They discuss the important contribution artists & creatives make to the world we live in. The importance of arts, creativity & self expression have on our mental health & well being and learning for life.