All At Sea coming soon to NVTV

Dive into the nostalgic world of seaside rowboat rentals, a once quintessential aspect of Bangor’s coastal charm.

The documentary pays homage to the spirited individuals like William Caulfield and Jimmy Laird, whose rowboat rental businesses flourished, leaving a lasting impact on the community and generations of young men, affectionately known as ‘Scouts,’ who worked under their guidance. Through “All At Sea,” experience their unique stories of resilience, community, and the joys of a simpler time.

Hear directly from those whose lives were intertwined with the Bangor boats:

Margaret (Margie) McKee reminisces, “Bangor was a lovely place to live and it always will be, as far as I’m concerned.”
James Gillespie, a former Scout, shares a universal memory, “You woke up one morning not knowing how to swim and went home that evening being able to swim.”
Ewan Rathbone-Scott reflects on the skills of the past, “I would say back in those days, everybody knew how to row.”
Maurice Wilson speaks to the inclusive spirit of Bangor, “It was a very tolerant place, as long as you had something to add, you were very much accepted.”
Don’t miss this evocative journey through time, celebrating the legacy of Bangor’s past seaside culture. Reserve your spot for an unforgettable exploration of history, community, and the bonds formed by the sea. Coming soon to NVTV