Focal Point Friday 12 August 2016

1. Peace Wall Removal.
Ardoyne residents in north Belfast held a celebration event to mark the removal of a peace wall. Interviews with the Clark Bailie, Housing Executive and Alan McAdam, International Fund for Ireland and local resident, Paddy Copeland, a local resident.

2. PRONI Document of the Month
Featuring early examples of Calotype negative, an early photographic process in which negatives were made using paper coated with silver iodide and Glass Plate negatives.

3. Patricia Van Akker at the MAC
The Director of The Design Trust, Patricia Van Akker, is invited to give a full day workshop aimed at design and textile artists, in the MAC. Interview with the Chief Executive of Craft NI and a participating artist.

4. Gaelic Tour of east Belfast.
Taking place as part of the East Side Arts Festivals are tours of East Belfast given in Gaelic. Interview with tour guide, Gordon McCoy and Linda Ervine.